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How Military City USA Radio Was Founded (History)

Military City USA Radio was founded by John Thurman, LLC, as a spinoff of the popular San Antonio Business Makers Program which aired on NewsTalk 930 KLUP.  Becky Bridges, VP, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, recommended Mark Frye, Sr. Fellow, LMI, as a spokesperson for The Chamber.

At time the Military City USA Radio show was started, Mark Frye was employed by LMI, the Logistics Management Institute, as a Sr. Fellow. Prior to his association with LMI, Mr. Frye had apparently been associated with BearingPoint Consulting. The understood information though was that BearingPoint’s assets were acquired by Deloitte Consulting, but Mr. Frye did not move in this transfer. But, he did become associated with LMI. Not long after the show began, Mr. Frye became disassociated with LMI. Soon thereafter, he became employed by Port San Antonio. That followed his disassociation with Port San Antonio as an employee. The latest understood information is that he serves as an independent contractor / consultant to Port San Antonio.

Mr. Frye was to locate the subject matter and serve as a co-host for a quarterly feature on the Business Makers’ Program.  The content available for a standalone military show soon became obvious so a program hour was located on NewsTalk 930 KLUP(.com). The program hour was contracted for and paid for by John Thurman, LLC, thus beginning Military City USA Radio.  The URL, was also purchased by John Thurman, LLC. on February 3, 2010.  A web site in support of the show was soon developed and posted at

Military City USA Radio was to be about all things military in “Military City USA,” San Antonio, Texas. The show was intended to inform and educate listeners about the diversity and importance of the more than 200 military missions in this city and the men and women who command them and are associated with them. All financial responsibility for the show, up until Alamo-AFCEA came into the picture was through John Thurman, LLC. Mark Frey did not personally contribute to or bear the financial responsibility of the show’s out of pocket costs at any point in time. The show was not to be about the hosts, though from its inception Mr. Frye represented the show as being “My Show” and it was known in the public domain as Mark Frye’s show .

Interviews were conducted with active-duty uniformed military, our military civilians, and our veterans. We also had guests who led and represented community and civic organizations that supported our military in San Antonio. Some of our programs focused on specific events; i.e.: in 2010 the show celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Military Aviation in March and the 40th annual “Celebrate America’s Military” in November. We’ve broadcasted remotely from venues such as the Valero Texas Open PGA Golf Tournament and the Lackland Air Force Base AirFest. (An incident occurred at this AirFest that involved the USAF Thunderbirds that may be otherwise discussed.) In addition to mission and organization-focused shows, some shows featured military career fields (e.g., fighter pilots, doctors, historians and intelligence gatherers) and military history. Each show was different, and our guests made them special.

In January 2013, Mark Frye negotiated an arrangement with Marla Dial, David Kovach, Col. USAF ret., Wm. “Bill” Morrow, Col, USAF, ret., Pres. Alamo Chapter, Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (Alamo AFCEA), to sponsor the Military City USA Radio Show and to be the billing entity. Almost exclusively, communications between the show and Alamo AFCEA occurred between Mark Frye and Marla Dial.

In late spring of 2013, news arrived that ALAMO Chapter-AFCEA, had won a major award at the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) International Conference for their innovation in service to the US Military via the Military City USA Radio Show.  Within days of this announcement, Marla Dial, VP. Alamo Chapter-AFCEA notified John Thurman he was being terminated as producer and co-host of the Military City USA Radio Show.  The co-host’s position was to be handled by “experienced radio personality” and AFCEA Regional Vice President, Col. Kelley Crooks, USAF, Ret. John Thurman and Col. Kelley Crooks met privately to discuss the forced change. Other than expressing concern over his involvement in the change, Col. Crooks made no effort to step aside from his involvement in the change. Other MCUSR URL’s were subsequently purchased by Alamo-AFCEA and the content from this ( site was copied onto without any authorization being either asked for by Alamo-AFCEA or granted by John Thurman, LLC.  The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA International) also began promoting Military City USA Radio (.com and later .org) on their web site.  News began to circulate in the community regarding the forced change in the make-up of the show and Marla Dial invited John Thurman to a “Clear the Air” meeting between myself and member of the Alamo-AFCEA Board of Directors.  This meeting was confirmed by John Thurman with Marla and a number of ALAMO-AFCEA board members. Marla Dial quickly asked that John Thurman not communicate with other board members in regards to the proposed meeting.  The meeting occurred with only Marla and David Kovach, Col. USAF, ret. in attendance.   This meeting was anything but cordial. Marla Dial and David Kovach agreed to arrange another meeting with the Alamo-AFCEA board thereby making good on their promise that a meeting of all stakeholders take place.  The promised meeting never materialized.

Papers were subsequently filed by Alamo-AFCEA with the US Trade Mark and Patent Office (Registration #  86021854) on behalf of Alamo-AFCEA (in association with CMP Management Company of Austin, Texas) requesting trademark status being granted to Alamo-AFCEA for the name, Military City USA Radio.  The filing claims that the “First Use in Commerce” of Military City USA Radio was 07/01/2010.  However, Alamo-AFCEA did not become affiliated with the program until January of 2013 and even then it did not seek to gain title to the name, Military City USA Radio, from its originator, John Thurman, LLC,. A notice of protest has been filed with in opposition to this registration.

An invitation is hereby extended to the leadership of AFCEA International to meet on this subject to work out an agreement that is beneficial to all concerned with emphasis on the respective publics of the involved parties.

John Thurman